Privacy & Data Protection Policy


Great Notley Photography Club holds personal data on computer databases for the purposes of running the Club and for the purpose of maintaining membership details.  The Club is exempt from registration with ICO and under the Data Protection Act as we are a non-profit organisation.   However the Club recognises its requirements to ensure that care is taken with any personal data and this policy has been adopted.

  1. The Club recognises that email is the key method for communication about it’s events and activities and is not in a position to communicate regularly to it’s  members by using any other means.  However should a member not wish to receive communication by this method they will not be added to the distribution list for email communication.  The members will then have to rely on attendance at the Club’s Meetings to learn of the events and other news.   Members will be asked to provide a home address and phone number that can be used in the event of emergency and other contact purposes relating purely to the Club operation.
  2. Member’s personal data is held on computer databases by committee members to help in running the society. This will include contact details, images, information about competition entries and activities associated with members to help us manage the Club’s events and business. This information will be kept to a minimum consistent with: allowing the Club to function well, maintaining a safe and healthy Club environment, understanding of each member’s interest and needs and keeping record of member’s work and competition results.
  3. Member’s personal information will not be used by committee members for any other purpose other than running and managing the society activities unless agreed by the member.
  4. Wherever reasonable and sensible (such as blanket emails), email addresses will be kept discreet through use of the BCC (Blind Copy Facility).
  5. Information will only be passed to a 3rd party if required specifically for society activities for example dietary requirements at an event, name in respect of external competition entries or to confirm attendance. Data will not be passed to any 3rd party for that party’s specific commercial purpose; however, we cannot be responsible for a 3rd party’s use of information once given.
  6. All members should take reasonable precautions to protect themselves from cyber attack and data loss. This includes a firewall (software or hardware) and suitable virus protection software that is kept up to date. Committee members holding the database undertake to do this and will take the same care with Club member’s data as they do with their own personal data.
  7. When it becomes clear that a member has left the Club, the record of their data will be removed from the databases after a period of 12 months unless specifically requested otherwise.
  8. If any member wishes to see the information held on them, they may make a formal request to the Secretary of the Club.
  9. The Club has the right to terminate membership or refuse membership or entrance of any member or non member who does not respect the rules of the Club or the privacy of other members.


The Great Notley Photography Club (GNPC) is established with the objects set out in its constitution, and is a data controller within the UK.

The personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, contact details, records of entries to events, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of GNPC. Any person wishing to verify the information held by the GNPC may apply to the Secretary.

GNPC collects and holds personal information about:

1. Its members.

2. Those offering their services to the GNPC for example judges or lecturers. This information is used to facilitate administration, services and the general organisation of GNPC and its various activities. This information is shared amongst the members of the GNPC Committee.

3. Details relating to members of the Committee are published each year in the annual programme and within the Committee page on the Club’s website.

4. Photographers as the creators and copyright holders of images used in the activities of GNPC. This information is managed subject to the Constitution and Rules of GNPC.

GNPC may retain historical archives for example but not limited to, records of meetings, competition entries, awards and other events and results.

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