Critique Night pushes Members through their comfort zone

Critique night: excellently and informatively led by Lisa, this is a popular night with many. Members submit images that can be experimental, which they are not sure about, or just want some feedback about. These are then discussed and feedback given in a positive and safe environment. The photographer then either takes this on board or ignores it, entirely at his/her choice.

This critique session saw some abstract images of mist, Autumn and a breathed-on camera lens from Colin, together with some experimental shapes and street scenes which may perhaps confound a judge reading from the traditional “photography rulebook”.

There was also some more existential debate about this image, “Like a shot to the head” by Dave Greenwood. Is this a photo of a wall with another artist’s work on it? Or does the perfectly timed addition of the lady and of the other couple, make it your own work?

Like a shot to the head

Like a shot to the head -Dave Greenwood


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