Ann Miles presents her “DigitalArt” talk

Ann Miles visited the Club on Thursday 6 October to present her talk entitled “DigitalArt”.

Swans by Ann Miles

” Swans by Ann Miles

It was a very engaging talk starting from the very first photographic manipulations back in the 1830’s to the present opinions on photo manipulation.

Ann showed both prints and digital images of her own within the presentation and it was fascinating to see some of the images creation from the beginning.

Particular favourites of the members included a panel of landscapes that were created from sand patterns and another panel of old dolls.   Whilst the images looked superb on the screen seeing them printed really brought the quality home and Ann’s choice of paper emphasised the images in just the right way.

Ann was educational, informative and very entertaining and a speaker that is highly recommended to other clubs that are looking for speakers for their upcoming seasons.

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