Photography Salon Competitions, what are they about and how do they help?

Speaker night on Thursday 28 April. Club member, Lisa Potter, gave an interesting presentation on salon competitions, what they are and her own experiences in entering.  How in particular she believes that this has enabled her to develop her photography skills over and beyond that of just existing within a local club (although possibly a strong natural competitive streak also focuses in part). It also reiterated that judging at whatever level club, national or international still has an element of subjectivity about it, having now had images both accepted and rejected, sometimes with the same image falling in both camps.

A video was streamed of the 2015 London Salon Exhibition –… – where one of the judges talked about the attributes of each selected image and why it was selected.  There was a vast range of  genres of photography and this was good to see.

Ashamed by Lisa Potter

Ashamed by Lisa Potter

Since the talk Lisa has managed to successfully obtain an acceptance into her first London Salon with the Image shown called “Ashamed”.

Every 10 minutes the video was paused for club members to discuss the images and whether they agreed with the comments. Mostly they did! It was felt by the group that salon judges selected based on the story and emotion of the image, whereas in our experience East Anglian Federation judges often focus on the technical attributes and cropping and whats feels like a prescribed format.  Whilst it was agreed that most of the images within the London Salon were technically competent we did find ourselves comparing the comments to those that we felt would have likely been made by our own judges.

Images in particular that were memorable for the Group were:

Ladies that Lounge by Andreas Hargreaves

Take me with you by Clare Acford

A Fine Pear by Ross McKelvey

A Fine Pear by Ross McKelvey (refer to website on link above)

A Fine Pear by Ross McKelvey (refer to website on link above)










The Snake Charmer by Julie Donovan

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