Glyn Dewis talk goes down a storm

Last Thursday we were very lucky to have Glyn Dewis visit our club to give our members a talk and even more privileged to see his new format.  Known as a professional retoucher and for his photoshop expertise Glyn’s talk was refreshing as it concentrated much more on his photography skills and in particular the use of professional lighting.  It had a great blend of discussion and interaction and even a model shoot (using one of our own members that will teach him to sit at the front).

Glyn Dewis BookI can highly recommend Glyn’s book which is very easy to navigate and comes with downloads so that you can follow along with the projects.   It must be good as it has reached Number 1 in the digital photography category.

We learnt the importance of having projects to push ourselves as photographers and to help us improve our skills in both the taking and the processing.  I know from personal experience setting yourself a project can get you out of a creative block period.

Glyn has a super youtube channel with lots of videos to help with processing and general photography skills.   I recommend you check it out.


Specific Clips that I can recommend below (please click on the image to be taken to the respective video clip.

Glyn Dewis – Special Lighting Effects

Glyn Dewis - 3 top tips for cut outs and compositing

Glyn Dewis – 3 top tips for cut outs and compositing

Glyn Dewis - Body Resizing (Super Fast)

Glyn Dewis – Body Resizing (Super Fast)

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