Annual 45 Minute Challenge is another success

Church Triptych – Ian Carse

The GNPC meeting of 4 June gave a 45 minute challenge. As it’s name suggests, members were given 45 minutes to go out and take their best shot. You could go by foot, bike, car or by gyrocopter, this was all irrelevant – go as far or as near as you like, just be back within 45 minutes. All images were to be shot in JPEG. On return they were put straight onto the screen from the camera cards.

This task poses two problems for the photographer. Firstly the speed of having to locate, compose and take a shot can be difficult for those used to planning the shot and lighting in advance. Secondly that the images are given directly out of camera without any additional processing. This can be like sending a modern soldier into battle with a sword. Yes you can definitely kill someone with a sword, but it is a whole lot easier with a kalashnikov.

Soup Cans - Tom Lewington

Soup Cans – Tom Lewington

For the second part of the evening the images were discussed in the safe environment of the club. Praise, gentle suggestions for possible improvements, laughing and joking.

The winner was the church triptych by Ian Carse. Ian has used an in-camera effect to pick out and exaggerate reds in the image. All agreed that the result was stunning and interesting. A side conversation was over whether the man with the trophy in the centre was Sepp Blatter.

Daisy - Roy Essery

Daisy – Roy Essery

First joint second was soup cans by Tom Lewington. What makes this image is the one falling over vegetable soup can. Tom did not arrange this, it was a pure photographer’s eye spot. Side conversation was about which soups sell best in the Summer. This shared joint second with Daisy by Roy Essery. A classic flower capture directing the eye with light onto the flower head in the bottom third and with aperture set to render a blurred background.

The night was a great success with much fun had all round.

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