The Yellow Brick Road to the Creative & Artistic Photographer Course starts Tuesday 21 January 2014

yellowMerely recreating a reasonable likeness of the image that lies in front of us is something that is within the reach of most dedicated photographers. However, the ability to manifest an image from our vision that communicates a feeling, emotion or story is far more rare.

The Yellow Brick Road To The Creative & Artistic Photographer is a course that takes you by the hand and leads you on a journey of self-discovery and learning which will not only transform your images but will create a paradigm shift in your thinking and change that the way that you look at photography and art forever.

Through a greater appreciation of art and an understanding of the techniques of the great masters of art you will not only learn how to read an image but also how to create images of aesthetic self-expression. It will take you to a place where you understand why things work aesthetically and emotionally as well as how to communicate more effectively. It’s about learning how to make the photograph have a pertinent and meaningful voice. An image that communicates and can stop a viewer and make them look deeper and think rather than just a glance and move on. It will enable you to create images that go beyond just recording what you have seen and enable you to communicate atmosphere, emotions and thoughts. It will unshackle you from the rigid processes that lead to mere replication and cliched photographs to artistic images that have depth, greater meaning and communicate something about you the artist.

The course will take you on a journey down the yellow brick road to your Wizard of Oz to develop the latent creativity that lies within all of us. It will show you that creativity is about being relaxed and giving yourself the permission to make mistakes. It is also about a greater connection to your feelings and emotions that through improvement of your artistic intelligence will enable you to communicate more effectively via your visual imagery. Through an improved understanding of how artistic images work you will also be able to decide more easily which images to keep and which to delete.

It’s an opportunity to develop and strengthen your creative muscle, to develop your artistic process and study the thinking of great artists so that you have greater control over your own creative art process so that your own imagery can speak with a clearer and more articulate voice.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to develop as photographers and artists.

If anyone is interested in taking the course which lasts for 4 weeks and starts on Tuesday 21 January and do not have a registration form please email Mark Edwards at  and he will send you the form by return.

The cost is £30 for members covering the 4 week course and £50 for non-members.   Money should be paid in advance of the course starting and for details of where to send payment please email

The course is being held from 8pm to 10pm at Great Notley Church, Great Notley.

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