GNPC triumphant at the 2013 North Essex Digital Projected Image Competition

On Friday 8th November, 4 members of the Club travelled in the rain to Clacton Photographic Club who were hosting the 2013 North Essex DPI competition.   12 Clubs participated from the North Essex area and the judging was ably undertaken by EAF Judge Paul Raddon LRPS.   Paul’s comments were extremely balanced and provided valuable feedback to any of the photographers that were present to hear them.

The Club had chosen its 6 images and now just had to wait with baited breath as each image was projected, critiqued and scored.   After the first round 2 images from the Club were held back by the judge and this mirrored the same from Colchester Photography Society.  By the end of the projection of the second round of images we had 4 images held back versus Colchester who had 3.   The scoring was hotting up and we knew it was going to be close between the two of us.    The final image to be scored was a superb shot of an eagle taken by Roger Bannister from Colchester—Colchester-PS.html and in an unprecedented move the judge awarded an 11 out of 10.     Once the scores were added up we had managed to regain the title, after a years absence, with a half mark gained on Colchester Photographic Society.    We look forward to hosting the competition next year and to regaining the trophy.

The images that were put forward by the Club were as follows:

Mark Edwards - Where we Live

Mark Edwards – Where we Live

Richard Orme - On the Square

Richard Orme – On the Square

Mark Edwards - Peter is Homeless

Mark Edwards – Peter is Homeless

Geraint Nicholas - Cage Fighter

Geraint Nicholas – Cage Fighter

Lisa Potter - Comtemplation

Lisa Potter – Comtemplation

Dave Greenwood - Saharan Sands

Dave Greenwood – Saharan Sands

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