Neil Watts discusses the development of Creative Artistic Photographer

on the naughty step

on the naughty step

I’m from the school of thought which says that not everyone is born with an artistic streak. However, I do believe it is something that can be taught in the same way that technical aspects of photography can.

Joining a camera club would obviously be a good starting point for a photographer (an obsolete comment I know, but hopefully you recognise the potential from this starting block). For me, the strength in numbers exposes us to a wealth of styles which we can cherry-pick from and incorporate into our own works.

There is also the pursuit of role models & inspiration. With accomplished photographers showcasing their work through a whole host of online media sites & their own web pages, the volume of art available is immense – it’s just a matter of taking time to pursue those artists (photographers) to tap into their artistic mojo.

From my own personal experience though, the creative juices really only start to flow when collaborating on ideas. Having others to bounce off ideas with is a huge benefit. What starts off as one thing soon evolves, and this has always proven to be a symbiotic process too.

Having a project or a specific piece to work towards helps focus the mind. Sharing that journey with other photographers (or for that matter models, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists), pushes your boundaries and forces you to embrace new ideas and concepts.

So, maybe you want a flickr discussion thread to share those artists who inspire you, or want to bounce off some ideas with other like-minded folk – sharing is the whole point of being an active member of a photography club, for the mutual benefit of everyone & helping to drive the club forward in a progressive fashion.

After we had Miss Aniela , I found the Creative Self Portrait group on Flickr a good starting point

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