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Lisa Potter talks about her Photographic Journey so far …………………

Having had some time to think recently due to an illness I took at look at various aspects of my life and why I do certain things. Photography initially for me was a means to get out and about as I spent the majority of the week stuck behind a desk in doors and then spent evenings and weekends in front of the tv. Once I got a camera and starting taking pictures I discovered that I really enjoyed it and wanted to do more. I joined a college class that taught me the theory of photography and the camera including the techy bits, this got me away from auto mode. At college I was encouraged to join a camera club and I found GNPC and joined it, this initially gave me some social interaction away from work and support and encouragement to improve. Over the years at the Club my photography has improved significantly from only taking wildlife images to moving to other areas of photography including portraits, macro, landscapes and street.

Without the club I wouldn’t be able to have transformed this

Man at St Pauls - unedited (a possible delete on sight image)

Man at St Pauls – unedited (a possible delete on sight image)

to this….

Man at St Pauls - edited version

Man at St Pauls – edited version

You get out what you put in and I have been really lucky to have gained some valuable, sometimes initially not welcome, advice and critique. For me, whilst like most, I love to here what a great image I have taken, what really has improved my eye is the “Edwards” review the honest this is how it is critique. It’s easy to get offended but take a deep breathe and often if you’re honest with yourself the person that provides a truly honest critique is right. We have several members in the club that are good at this but there is no reason why we can’t all be like it.

For me photography continues to be a journey where sometimes you take the right route and sometimes you don’t. I want to be the best photographer that I can be and find a niche that is my own. For me to do this i need to be pushed out of my comfort zone, I need to surround myself with like minded artists, I want to listen to the stories of professionals, I want others that have skills I don’t to share and to share what knowledge I have, I want to visit exhibitions and constantly look at photographs from a range of sources, and most of all I need to practice, practice, practice. I feel that the club has the ability and opportunity to provide all of this.

What I would like to know is what inspires you about photography, what do you want to get from your photography and how can the club help you to achieve this. There is no right or wrong answer, I know that some will be happy where they are and that’s ok, so please join in.

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GNPC supports the 20th Anniversary of the Braintree Musuem

Braintree Musuem 20th Anniversary Display

Braintree Musuem 20th Anniversary Display

GNPC were pleased to be involved in the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Braintree Museum held on Saturday 26 October.   In order to help with the celebrations the Club came up with a theme supporting “20”.   The main panel was simply called “20” and this included images that incorporated the number 20 within them.  (This panel has been gifted to the Museum in remembrance of these celebrations).   The other 4 panels consisted of 5 images and covered some of the main subjects that are favoured by members of the Club, England, People, Wildlife and Abstract.   The exhibition continues at the Musuem for at least four weeks after the celebration event on 26 October.

Please go along and show your support to a worthy historical and educational site.

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Neil Watts discusses the development of Creative Artistic Photographer

on the naughty step

on the naughty step

I’m from the school of thought which says that not everyone is born with an artistic streak. However, I do believe it is something that can be taught in the same way that technical aspects of photography can.

Joining a camera club would obviously be a good starting point for a photographer (an obsolete comment I know, but hopefully you recognise the potential from this starting block). For me, the strength in numbers exposes us to a wealth of styles which we can cherry-pick from and incorporate into our own works.

There is also the pursuit of role models & inspiration. With accomplished photographers showcasing their work through a whole host of online media sites & their own web pages, the volume of art available is immense – it’s just a matter of taking time to pursue those artists (photographers) to tap into their artistic mojo.

From my own personal experience though, the creative juices really only start to flow when collaborating on ideas. Having others to bounce off ideas with is a huge benefit. What starts off as one thing soon evolves, and this has always proven to be a symbiotic process too.

Having a project or a specific piece to work towards helps focus the mind. Sharing that journey with other photographers (or for that matter models, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists), pushes your boundaries and forces you to embrace new ideas and concepts.

So, maybe you want a flickr discussion thread to share those artists who inspire you, or want to bounce off some ideas with other like-minded folk – sharing is the whole point of being an active member of a photography club, for the mutual benefit of everyone & helping to drive the club forward in a progressive fashion.

After we had Miss Aniela , I found the Creative Self Portrait group on Flickr a good starting point

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