The Strobist’s SIG Go All Urbex

After a quiet winter season, a handful of intrepid photographers accepted the challenge of a model shoot within the abandoned remains of RAF Rivenhall.

On a dark and blustery May evening, Richard Orme and I took the dozen members onto the location along with 3 enthusiastic young models, Stuart, Meghhan and Katy.
With torches, headlights & the intermittent flash from someone firing off a shot, the rural night was a dispersed not just with fits of giggles, the occasional curse from someone stumbling around in the dark, but the “Oh cool – nice shot!”. ┬áIt’s one thing to be able to use off-camera flash, but in the dead of night with a model posing in front of you is something else.
Everyone was really taken with the nights concept. The enthusiasm & feedback from all those involved will definitely see more events of a similar vain in the future.
Well done to all those who came & took part, I’m already looking for another opportunity…..
Neil Watts

...It was a dark and stormy night...

…It was a dark and stormy night…

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