GNPC Does ‘Last of the Summer Wine’

petach123 (Peter Tachauer)     says:

petach123 (Peter Tachauer) says:




So, me and the fragrant Mrs T had spent all day in town. I had 3 cameras with me, she had none…..but she helped carry my wallet and keys. After a day’s shooting and lunch with friends we headed for home. We boarded the Central Line at Oxford Circus….standing room only. About 3 yards from me, this tall fair haired bloke was grinning at me like a Cheshire Cat. Rusty gears in my head whirred and clonked. “Face, name, location, face, name, location……” I must have looked as blank as a nun’s date diary. I pointed at him in desperation……”I know the face, the name, the name….escapes me”. Kindly, he gave a clue. “We met 2 Thursdays ago”. “Did we”? asks I, “where”? “Camera club” he said.”It’s………… ”

I am a shocker at marrying up names to faces when out of normal context. I’d pass someone and think “Hmmmm familiar”! only to find out later he was on a wanted poster at the nick for international genocide.

Anyways I’ll let what’s-his-face tell the rest of the story.

Leigh Garner     says:

Leigh Garner says:


So there we were, tired and weary after a splendid long weekend in London, fighting the crowds onto a tube at Oxford Circus when this guy gets on wielding a SLR round his neck and a p&s in his hand. I mean who does he think he is William Klien or something? Oh… it’s Pete…he does think he’s William Klien.

I acknowledge him across the crowded carriage with my eyes. Blank stare. Maybe it isn’t Pete? No, I’m sure it is… even with the ridiculous hat he’s wearing. After I narrowed it down to one of the 70 GNPC members I think the cogs finally clicked into place.

Introductions and pleasantries exchanged (apparently the lady behind him was his wife, not just someone to carry his bags) , Pete and Mrs T depart at St Pauls. He then turns towards me and snaps away……I mean he didn’t even ask? Who does he think he is….


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