Witham Operatic Society and Guys and Dolls: or Lisa takes a bath and Robbo’s past resurfaces

Recently we received an e-mail asking if we’d take photos of Witham Operatic Society performing Guys and dolls. This was to take place in the full dress rehearsal and the week leading up to it. Jackie, Robbo, Lisa and I stepped up to the plate. We thought it would be a good idea to see some of the early rehearsals so that the actors would get used to us, and we would get to know the outline of the show and who were the leads. I still have the tune “Luck be a Lady Tonight” running through my head but I can’t quite remember the words. Unfortunately Lisa couldn’t make the first night, something about getting ready for a bath on Thursday???  Now, I have been stood down for many reasons in my life, hair washing, homework, good show on TV, but getting ready for a bath was a first – we now know it was worth it.

The shots taken at the rehearsal gave some indication of the lighting problems we would face. We identified the leading actors as rehearsals moved to the final venue. The day of the dress rehearsals came and Robbo was complimented on some of his earlier shots by an acquaintance from his past – no secrets were revealed. Jackie and Robbo got some good shots as I tried some off camera flash but it didn’t quite work, some of the trigger batteries were dead. (Note to self: before flashing charge batteries)

Guys and Dolls, Minus The Guys

Guys and Dolls, Minus The Guys

Like us, Witham Operatic Society is run by enthusiasts. Robbo posted the shots online and WOS will pick the shots they like. For this service they will contribute as they think fit towards our chosen charity. From an e-mail I received they like our output and want us to perform the same service for their next production Kiss Me Kate which commences this week.

Contribution by Mike T.

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