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GNPC Members’ Images on BBC Winterwatch Christmas Special

Sat reclining, Homer Simpson style, after all the Christmas feasting most of us would find ourselves in front of the TV on Boxing Day.  I was shaken from my post postprandial slumber when Winterwatch displayed TWO images from GNPC club members on their Christmas Special.

Peter Warne’s image of the Avocets below got a special mention (and he got name checked), so kudos to him:

Peter Warne's Avocets

Peter Warne's Avocets

John Parish’s shot of deer in Wethersfield was picked out (and not criticised) by Chris Packham, so plaudits to him too:

Wethersfield Deer 'Gamboling'

Wethersfield Deer 'Gamboling'

For those of an inquisitive nature the images appear 1hour 20 mins into the programme, which you can check out on iPlayer for the next couple of weeks.  Winterwatch-link.


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Season’s Greetings

Season's Greetings

Happy holidays from all at the GNPC - Please click on the image to see our festive video.


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