Colchester Photo-Walk

On Thursday 11th August, the GNPC descended upon Colchester town for another of its evening walks. Kindly arranged by Lisa, the evening’s theme was ‘Pink’, ‘Stone’ and ‘Circle’. The small contingent of members met at St.Mary’s car park, then headed off through the grounds of the Church to explore further.

The early rain showers passed, and the group made its way to the old Castle grounds. Though the summer evening wasn’t as bright as one might hope, the town and gardens were awash with colour from the multitude of flower beds and hanging baskets.

The evening light was all too quick to fade within the grounds of the Castle, yet the High Street became more vibrant as the night closed in, with its illuminated architecture and the neon signs advertising the shops & bars.

Many thanks to Lisa for arranging the outing, and NeilW for writing the whole thing up for us.

Here are some of our members’ shots from the walk:

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