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Coggeshall Photo-Walk

On Thursday the 2nd of June the massed ranks of the GNPC gathered in a Coggeshall car park to wander round one of the nearer villages to Great Notley, taking in the local sights and preserving them forever through their keen lenses.

Lisa Forsyth organises a myriad of club outings near and far. This one had a great turnout of around twenty members, some who arrived early to beat the rush and some who turned up fashionably late, but with the majority on time. All were primed with the night’s themes which were: Red, Texture and Rectangles. These help focus the walks and provide a common thread by which everyone could be judged. There was even a rumour of a prize for the best themed shot.

Not just ducks that are a hazard.

Not just ducks that are a hazard.

We must cut a strange dash, when 20-odd photographers wander round a village and I was approached by the local vicar when I was taking shots in the church. He was very jolly and happy to see us all enjoying the local ambience. Once all the things that could be shot were shot we regrouped in the pub for some chat about the evening and all things club related. Well done to Vivien for running off with the prize.

Here are some of our members’ shots from the day:

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