The members of GNPC takes part in various types of competitions which include


These are competitions specifically for the Members of the Club which are split into two areas.

Agapanthus Pods by Vivien Farrell

Agapanthus Pods by Vivien Farrell

1. Digitally projected competitions where Members have the opportunity to enter up to two images, one in the themed competition and one in the open category.  These competitions are judged by an external party and the points awarded are entered into a league table with a winner at the end of the year.   There are two divisions 1 and 2 which allows photographers at different competency levels to still participate.

2. Print competition which are usually held three times a year, including one panel competition, where the members get their images off of the computer and printed out for display.  These are judged externally with winners announced on the evening.

For the digital competitions images have to have been taken in the last 6 months we feel this is really important as it ensures that all the members continue to be active in their photography.

Winners of the competitions and other rewards which are presented annually can be found on the following link “Internal Competitions and Other Rewards”



This is where our Club battles against other Clubs in either digital or print format.  There is a selection panel of members that chooses our best images to put forward for these competitions.

Passing Storm by Dave Greenwood

Passing Storm by Dave Greenwood

Each year the Committee look out for new and more challenging competitions for the Club to enter.  These help us to stretch the members to improve the quality of images that we produce in an increasingly competitive environment.  As a Club we only enter images into competitions which have been taken within the last year as this keeps are images fresh and keeps all of us active in taking images.

Our results are shown on the following link “External Competitions”


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