Summer Processing Challenge goes down well with Members

Processing Challenge Images

Processing Challenge Images

Members had been sent during the Summer, a number of base images reflecting landscapes, people and other as shown above. The challenge set was to use at least one of those images and combine with others to make a composite.

If only..... by Adrian Lowe Wheeler

If only….. by Adrian Lowe Wheeler

Topsy Turvy World by Lisa Potter

Topsy Turvy World by Lisa Potter

Ruby's Secret Garden by Colin Coleman

Ruby’s Secret Garden by Colin Coleman







The main aim was to give members an opportunity to practice their processing skills and perhaps try something new. All images were viewed and a selection discussed in detail at the club night on Thursday 22 September. A few of the members volunteered to go through their photoshop techniques and discuss the layers in their image.  It included what techniques they adopted and why.

Questions were answered and instant processing help given to less experienced members.The overall objective was well achieved: to advance everyone’s knowledge of Photoshop and the many different ways of approaching the same task. All came away having learned at least one new thing.

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